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Our History

The Whistlefield is a traditional Drovers Inn situated on an ancient cattle-droving trail starting from the West Highlands on to the markets of Central Scotland and from there ultimately onwards to Smithfield in London. The oldest parts of the building (now our beer cellar) date from around 1455 but the main structure of the building which was originally single-storey, as can be seen from the exposed gable stonework, were completed around 1663.
It was not until the middle of the 19th Century and the subsequent emergence of Victorian tourists en route from the Clyde to Loch Fyne that the inn was expanded further with the addition of what is now the present frontage. Queen Victoria's daughter, Louise, had married the Duke of Argyll which in turn drew many people to the area for holidays and in particular to their home at Inverary Castle itself. This was followed at the turn of the century by our Edwardian lounge. Today the appearance and character of the Whistlefield are protected by Scottish National Heritage.
More recently the inn was the subject of an episode of the BBC's House Detectives series. The interesting results of their investigation are framed and displayed as a wall history in the entrance to the inn.

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